The owners, Julie and Terry designed and built Wiikirri in 2006 as their home with purpose built guest accommodation. Built in the small rural community of Blackbutt, Wiikirri is set on nearly 2 acres of land with Taromeo creek running through the property. There are already many delightful spots in which to sit and absorb what nature has on offer. The beautifully landscaped gardens are beginning to emerge with many more projects planned to further encourage you to truly relax.

Wiikirri has been designed with what your hosts believe are all the best aspects of a traditional bed and breakfast, country guesthouse and health retreat, all blended together to create a very unique experience. How much contact you wish to have with your hosts, Julie and Terry is totally flexible and dependant on you. As a consequence, the guest rooms are attached to the main house and yet designed with private access. The rooms are virtually self contained, the only intentional omission is dishwashing facilities. Your hosts are happy to wash your dishes and realize you probably don’t want to do them when you’re on a break anyway.

Bed and breakfast

In true tradition, breakfasts are generous, however not everyone wants to be up, dressed and ready for breakfast at a designated time. So, at Wiikirri you are provided with a do-it-yourself breakfast hamper which can then be enjoyed at your leisure.

Country Guesthouse

Friendly and helpful hospitality is what Wiikirri is about. Every afternoon there is either complimentary afternoon tea or happy hour on the main deck. This provides an opportunity for both hosts and guests to catch up on the activities of the day, discuss plans for the next day or simply pass the time with some great conversation. Continue the great conversation onto dinner with your hosts or retreat to dine on a tapas-inspired platter or a meal from the BBQ hamper.

Health Retreat

Julie is a wholistic Dietitian-Nutritionist with over 20 years clinical experience and is the ideal practitioner to design a tailor-made health rejuvenation programme for you and Wiikirri is the ideal environment in which to start this quest towards better wellbeing. Julie’s background ensures that the food at Wiikirri is fresh (often organic) and nutritious, but that doesn’t mean it is all tofu and sprouts. Healthy gourmet best describes the food.

Wiikirri will continue to evolve as the perfect place for a stay to either explore, rest or rejuvenate.